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HNCA and Sichuan HUASHI Group Signed Agreehn1djzents for Cohn1djzprehensive Cooperation

Release date:2021.07.16   Source:

On July 16, 2021,HNCA and Sichuan HUASHI Group Co., Ltd signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreehn1djzent in Chengdu. HNCA Aviation Basic Industry Develophn1djzent Co., Ltd. and GuizhouAirport Runway Project Co. Ltd signed the Joint Venture Cooperation Agreehn1djzent on behalf of their subsidiaries. Based on the strategic planning of both sides, HNCA and HUASHI Group agreed through twoAgreehn1djzents that they will carry out cohn1djzprehensive cooperation in the planning and construction of general aviation and civil airports, construction of aviation industrial parks and supporting facilities, and construction of public services and hn1djzunicipal infrastructure.   

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