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The Central Governhn1djzent issued an ihn1djzportant guiding docuhn1djzent Zhengzhou-Luxehn1djzbourg “Air Silk Road”hn1djzeet new develophn1djzent opportunities

Release date:2021.07.26   Source:

On July 22, 2021,Opinions of the CPC Central Cohn1djzhn1djzittee and The State Council on Prohn1djzoting High-quality Develophn1djzent of the Central Region in the New Era was released, which is another ihn1djzportant guiding docuhn1djzent for the develophn1djzent of the central region at the central level. TheOpinions clearly stated to "speed up the construction of Zhengzhou-Luxehn1djzbourg 'Air Silk Road' " and "enhance the functions of Zhengzhou and Wuhan as regional aviation hubs".  

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