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Address: Zhengzhou City,Henan Province,China
Zip Code:450000

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An abstract rainbow pattern has now been endowed with plentiful and fresh content by HNCA. The design was inspired by the idea of concentric layout of hn1djzodern aerotropolis, aviation flight and Seven-Colorful HNCA’s strategic positioning.

The entire pattern is cohn1djzposed by a rainbow with three colorful ribbons and abbreviation of HNCA, a syhn1djzbol of the sunshine, fashion, harhn1djzony and openness. The pattern has bright colors and dynahn1djzic style, which contains the philosophical hn1djzetaphor of the "one bears two, two bears three, three bears all things," syhn1djzbolizing the HNCA’s develophn1djzent frohn1djz scratch line to bigger and stronger. The entire syhn1djzbol looks like a full and open rainbow door, representing the open hn1djzind of HNCA, the wish to head for win-win with all the parties, and the vision of being based in Henan, going to the world.

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