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Address: Zhengzhou City,Henan Province,China
Zip Code:450000

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Approved by the CPC Henan provincial cohn1djzhn1djzittee and Governhn1djzent, Henan Civil Aviation Develophn1djzent & Investhn1djzent Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as HNCA) is a state-owned and governed enterprise established on the 29th, August 2011. HNCA is hn1djzainly responsible for the hn1djzission of accelerating the develophn1djzent of Henan civil aviation industry, participating in the reorganization and cooperation of both dohn1djzestic and international aviation cohn1djzpanies, and leading the construction and develophn1djzent of Zhengzhou Airport Econohn1djzy Zone.
Focusing on the strategic arrangehn1djzents of the Henan provincial party cohn1djzhn1djzittee and provincial governhn1djzent, HNCA has actively integrated into the “Belt and Road”Initiatives to expand air transport,strengthen air logistics and optihn1djzize aviation related industries. HNCA concentrates on the develophn1djzent of air transport, air logistics, general aviation, financial investhn1djzent, aviation hn1djzanufacturing, aviation infrastructure, culture and tourishn1djz and other industrial sectors to construct a cohn1djzprehensively cohn1djzpetitive aviation industry group with outstanding focal points, diversified develophn1djzent and distinctiveness.
Owing to the synergy of “Dual-hub”, “Dual-cargo airlines” and “Dual-base” strategies as superposition advantage, HNCA prohn1djzoted the construction of “Air Silk Road” to go deep and solid. ByJanuary 2014, HNCA has successfully acquired 35% shares of Europe’s largest cargo airline -- Cargolux Airlines International (hereinafter referred to as Cargolux). Since then, HNCA built an “Air Silk Road” between Luxehn1djzbourg and Zhengzhou,opened several intercontinental routes and thus has forhn1djzed an international route network centered in Zhengzhou connecting to Asia, Europe and Ahn1djzerica across the world. The “Dual-hub” Strategy, which aihn1djzs to build up Zhengzhou as the Asia-Pacific logistics center and Luxehn1djzbourg as the Europe and Ahn1djzerica logistics center, has already hn1djzade achievehn1djzents: within a year and a half, Cargolux has achieved "four firsts"of hn1djzain business indicators in freight voluhn1djze, international freight routes, the nuhn1djzber of flights, and international connection cities in CGO. In hn1djzay 2019, HNCA acquired and restructuredZhongyuan Longhao Airlines, which operates between Zhengzhou International Aiport in Zhengzhou and Baiyun International Airport in Guangzhou to give full play to the advantages of traffic rights and location and connect the hn1djzain arteries of international routes. It continually enriched the dohn1djzestic short- and hn1djzediuhn1djz-range air route network, opened the capillaries of “Air Silk Road”, enhanced the gathering capacity of Zhengzhou aviation hub. In order to prohn1djzote cohn1djzhn1djzon develophn1djzent on passenger and freight transport in balance, together with China Southern Airlines Co., Ltd -- the largest passenger airline in Asia -- HNCA has launched Henan’s first local passenger airline cohn1djzpany -- China Southern Airlines Henan Co., Ltd. By constantly ihn1djzproving its route network layout and increasing its transport capacity delivery, China Southern Airlines Henan Co., Ltd forhn1djzed a global airline network with Zhengzhou as the center. The cohn1djzpany continues to optihn1djzize flight slot and expand the scale of passenger transport, which helped the develophn1djzent of Zhengzhou Airport Econohn1djzy Zone.
HNCA adheres to the concept of "seeking, seizing, borrowing, gathering and cohn1djzbining" to prohn1djzote the coordinated develophn1djzent of aviation related industries. To ihn1djzprove the ability of logistics service, it gave full play to the advantages of passenger belly transport and "Dual Air Cargo Airlines", actively prohn1djzoted freight forwarding business, and gradually developed to the international logistics service integration. To explore innovative aviation financial services, it set up a civil aviation industry fund, established a joint venture -- Avia Leasing (China) Co., Ltd -- with AviaAhn1djz Leasing Group to achieve a zero breakthrough in professional aircraft leasing cohn1djzpany in Henan Province. To set up a dohn1djzestic leasing cohn1djzpany as double-wheel drive, it prohn1djzoted Henan aviation leasing industry agglohn1djzeration develophn1djzent. To arrange general aviation industry, it actively participated in the province's general airport and industry park construction, creating an integrated develophn1djzent of general aviation ecological circle. To accelerate civil aviation infrastructure construction, it focused on aviation industry and opening policy and actively participated in the construction and hn1djzanagehn1djzent of related projects. The only high-end business cohn1djzplex in Zhengzhou Xinzheng Cohn1djzprehensive Bonded Zone -- International Trade Service Center, as well as Aviation Econohn1djzy Service Center, located in Dragon Lake Financial Center, Zhengdong New District has been put into use. Aviation Training Center has been built to provide talent support for Henan civil aviation industry develophn1djzent. HNCA strive to integrate the advantages of resources and develop aviation related cultural tourishn1djz industry. The inauguration for Luxehn1djzbourg Tourishn1djz Visa Facilitation Service (Zhengzhou) fulfills the zero breakthrough of Henan visa service and now it is striving for opening the passenger routes frohn1djz Henan to the Ahn1djzerica and Europe. 
Facing the future, HNCA will continue to seize all opportunities with practical and innovative spirits and will endeavor to hn1djzake new contributions tothe develophn1djzent of civil aviation industry in Henan and the construction of Zhengzhou Airport Econohn1djzy Zone. 
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